Travelling guide: Checklist before choosing  your hotel

Hotel rooms are considered to be a home for all travellers. When you want to go on a trip or have an urgent proposal to present, one important detail you need to decide is to look for a hotel. 

The price is one of the factors on choosing a hotel but it is not supposed to be the only thing you need to look at. Here’s a list on what to consider when choosing a hotel.

  1. The location of a hotel – Whether you are on a business trip or on a travel vacation make sure you know the location of your hotel. This is important in order to know exactly where you are and inform your friends and family the exact location for safety purposes. 

It is the first thing on this list because being in an unfamiliar place may be thrilling to some, but in reality it is quite dangerous. Not knowing the place may invite possible harm during your trip. It is always a good idea to research ahead about the location of your hotel to determine if it is in an unsafe street. 

If you are on a vacation, a good location hotel is somewhere located in the heart of the city because it is where the majority of the landmarks are located. These include the shops, markets, attractions for you to easily visit. 

A lot of good hotels are not being visited because of its location. Make sure to look for hotels that offer right deals in the right location.

  1. Reason for travelling – Think about the reason why you are visiting a place. Is it for business purposes where you don’t need to stay that long? Or is it for leisure where you want to relax and enjoy the amenities of the hotel? Determining the reason for your travel is important for you to know the hotel that best suits your needs.

    The idea of a hotel is different for each person. A person who’s travelling for business purposes has a different set of priorities rather than someone checking in for a family vacation.

A good example for that is when travelling with friends, you would want a hotel that has amenities that will fit your tastes like a spa for a relaxing treatment or a bar for you and your friend to enjoy and meet new people. Another example is if you’re travelling with kids, you would want a hotel that is family friendly. where you would expect playrooms, kids pool and arcade, or if you are however just on a business trip and just looking for a hotel room good enough for a place to sleep. 

Before choosing a hotel make sure to filter the things you want in the booking apps that you are using to make it easier for you to choose.

  1. Read Reviews – Although reading reviews may sound redundant and unbelievable. It is crucial when looking for a place to stay.

Make sure to research thoroughly the hotel before deciding to book with them. Reading their advertisement is not enough. It is important to check reviews. Some reviews are honest and are actually helpful. They will give you an accurate image of what you can expect from your stay. This is actually essential  because most booking websites post enhanced photos that would give you high expectations and leave you being disappointed when already there. 

Reading reviews is also a good thing because you can know whether a certain amenity is still available. Like you want a swimming pool get-together with friends, all you have to do is read the latest reviews on the offered service of the hotel. 

  1.  Choose a New Hotel – Some of you might not agree to this idea but choosing a new hotel is better. A new hotel is generally cheaper than old ones. This is because of competition and the need to gain more guests. They usually lower their prices as a marketing strategy inorder to be known in the hotelier business.

Also, a good reason to choose a new hotel is because it is cleaner. Clean rooms are the most important factor in choosing a hotel. If you are a clean freak, new hotels suit you because they are generally cleaner and maintained. If the hotel has been newly renovated or is a new building, you generally will expect it to be clean. Not because it is newly repainted but because they usually want to maintain the cleanliness. 

Some hotels have been operating for decades. Sheets and beddings that have not been deep cleaned for over a decade are unsanitary. Yes, it is true that some hotels are unhygienic. This is why most guests prefer to stay at a new hotel. 

  1. Stay on your budget –  Smart money habits and budgeting is one of the most important skills in life everyone wants to learn. Travelling on a vacation and checking in a hotel don’t need to cost thousands of dollars.

Before choosing a hotel, set a price range. Don’t spend all your savings into the hotel. If you are planning to travel around the city and try to explore the city wonders, make sure you have an extra pocket money for you to spend. 

Choosing a hotel with a good location, up to date amenities that set to your standards while staying on a budget is quite difficult to attain. It might be hard but it is possible, all you need to do is research. 

Once you determine your estimated cost, start comparing prices online and adjust the budget accordingly. Making sure you stay on a budget while travelling and not go beyond it. There will always be a perfect hotel that will suit your taste. Try checking out Dubai Hotel!

  1. Book on the website – When booking a hotel, it is much easier and better to book through the official website. It is because most booking applications promise you lower deals that are not always true.

    Some booking applications are really helpful when choosing the right hotel. However, you should always check the prices offered in the official website of the hotel for you to compare the best prices and upgrades.

    Booking directly into the website is also safer to avoid scams, fraud and identity theft.  
  2. Star rating – The number of stars indicated on the booking website is the most common way of determining what kind of hotel to expect. This is the way hotels are labelled and categorized. The star rating of a hotel determines the quality of the facility and the more the number of stars ,the better the quality is.

    Before choosing a hotel make sure you check the star ratings. Know what you want and what type of hotel you need in order to know the number of stars that best suits you.  If you are still on the lookout for hotels. Here is a subtle explanation of star rating:
  • One star rating – These are hotels that are considered as a budget accommodation and only satisfy the basic need. 
  • Two star rating – These are hotels that offer clean, basic and cheap rooms. Hotels are usually run by a sole proprietor. A two star rating indicates that the location is quite near to popular attractions.
  • Three star rating – These hotels offer comfortable and affordable accommodations. This is a bit pricey than the one star hotels but still is considered as affordable. The quality of rooms are better than the first two. This is perfect for people who are travelling for work. 
  • Four star rating – These hotels offer above average service with gorgeous interior designing, and upscale amenities. Four star rating hotels are perfect for travellers, friends and family that are on a  vacation. However, the prices may be quite expensive but are considered totally worth the price because of the fully furnished rooms and state of the art equipment. Example of a four star rating is Dubai Hotel. 
  • Five star rating – This is a luxurious hotel with stylish furnitures, wide pools, grand ballroom. The guest rooms and suites are decorated with the highest quality furnishings, luxurious food, and best chefs that are trained to deliver top notch food. Hotel attendants that perform best services. Rooms with large king beds and premium beddings with a grand view. It is considered expensive due to its luxurious services. However the price may be expensive but the first class service is worth every penny. 
  1. Parking – When travelling by car, it is important to note whether the hotel is offering free parking or have specific rates to be aware of any extra fees. Some hotels also don’t have enough space for parking. Make sure to check the parking capacity of the hotels on their websites to avoid illegal parking and be issued with a fine.