Things to check inside your hotel room

Things to check inside your hotel room

The first thing that comes to mind when checking in a hotel room is the image of luxury and relaxation. Sleeping in a hotel gives off an exciting feeling where you just want to jump in the bed immediately the moment you walk inside the room. 

Hotels in nature are a place to rest, especially on a clean and comfortable bed. However,not every hotel room is safe and clean, and so checking the sheets would be a great help. We at Dubai Hotel provided a list of things to check inside your hotel room.

Check if the hotel room is carpeted

This is first in the list because it is the first thing you will touch after removing your shoes when you enter inside the hotel room. 

If the hotel room is carpeted ,make sure to wear slippers all the time and not leave your clothes lying on the floor. This is because carpets can accumulate dust and dirt and are generally hard to clean.

Carpets are supposed to be deep cleaned twice a week, however some hotels just prefer the regular vacuuming which makes it unsanitary. 

Luckily, at Dubai Hotel our rooms are all tiles that are regularly polished and disinfected. 

Check the sheets

Checking the sheets is the most important thing you should do when inside a hotel room. Your hotel bed is the place where you will relax for more than 8 hours a day. However, sleeping in an unchanged sheet is unsanitary and uncomfortable.

Take note that you are not the only one who has slept on that bed. The only thing that makes it sanitary is clean sheets.

In checking the sheets in your bed, remove the comforter first, then check on the sheets. If you spot even a small dirt, call the front desk and ask to change sheets. It may sound a little overdramatic, but it pays to be sure. 

Wash the cups

If your hotel room has a glass cup, make sure to wash it. Not many of you might not know this, but sometimes the glasswares aren’t washed because the cleaners might have assumed the guest hadn’t used the cup when they had. 

Read Reviews 

This is a must if you feel skeptical about your hotel room. Reading reviews may be tedious, but it is crucial to prove your hunches.

Some reviews are honest and are actually helpful. They will give you an accurate image of what you can expect from your stay or the things they have experienced.

It is important to note that not all hotels are the same. We at Dubai Hotel offers a budget accommodation where we deep clean our rooms regularly and have a high rate and good reviews from previous guests. Come and visit us now!

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