Fun facts about Arabic cuisine 

Fun facts about Arabic cuisine 

Middle Eastern cuisine is filled with stories that solidify its existence in this world. These are rooted in historical accounts that may surprise you. Check out the fun and exciting facts about Middle Eastern food here at Ali Dayi Alabalik when you browse through the website! 

Arabic food traces its roots back to the start of ancient civilisation

Mesopotamia, the first recorded civilisation on earth originated in the Middle East. This granted Arabic food a front-row seat in establishing the history of humanity’s cuisine and relationship with food as we know it today. 

The cuisine that originated in this early civilisation is vital in how cooking evolved to modern-day techniques. Moreover, Arabic cuisine is still reminiscent of their ancestors back in Mesopotamia. 

Caramel started in the Middle East

Arabs invented caramel but it didn’t originally taste like the sweet flavour that serves as toppings for your ice cream. Caramel is gooey and sweet that you use as an added sweetener to your desert. However, that’s not what Arabic women used it for in ancient times. 

It was originally used as wax to remove unwanted and unmanageable hair on a person’s body. This process was most popular among women that lived in Harems.

Geography plays a huge role in Arabic cuisine

The Middle East is at a geographic crossroads between Asia, Europe and Africa. This greatly influenced the cuisine of the region since it was also the trading hub between empires known as the Silk Road. 

Since goods are traded in this area, it made a huge impact on the culture of the place. Naturally, the cuisine will be affected by this cultural exchange hence Arabic cuisine. That’s why the dishes in this region are diverse and tasty because of the rich culture that dates back to ancient times. 

The role of Arab immigration to the world

During the first world war, many Arabic citizens started migrating all over the world. Many of these immigrants brought with them rich cultural knowledge not only in religion but also in cooking. This grand migration to different countries helped the spread of Arab cuisine to many places in the world including America. 

Nowadays, there are different Arabic restaurant chains like Ali Dayi Alabalik that you can visit in different countries outside the Middle East. You can even notice some countries adapting Arabic influences in their own national cuisine. 

Vegetarian heaven

There are plenty of meat-based dishes in Arabic cuisine but there is also an abundance of vegetarian meals that you can try. Arab dishes are well-known for incorporating fresh vegetables into the recipe because their culture values health and wellness. 

You’d be surprised by how delicious the Arabs cook vegetables. Most western cultures cook healthy meals blandly but with an array of spices, Arabs can spice things up and make these dishes delicious. 

It’s easy to become a vegetarian when you switch to Arabic cuisine. You can get these dishes right here at Ali Day Abalik when you visit our restaurant. There’s also a delivery option through our website. Check that out so you can get your favourite dishes delivered right to your doorsteps. 

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