Activities in Dubai you need to try

Dubai Hotel Help Desk will assist you to book for local activities. Here are some activities in Dubai you need to try to make the most of your vacation and have the grandest stay with us! 

  1. Camel Ride – If you love animals, then you will enjoy this! Camel riding is a lot faster than you might think so don’t forget to hold on tight.

    When riding a camel, it is important to:
  • Empty your pockets – When holding a personal belonging like your phone and camera, make sure to strap it around your arms to prevent it from falling.
  • Relax – Camels can sense the passengers’ emotions. If you’re uncomfortable, it will also make the camels uneasy.
  • Dress appropriately – Not everyone can take the heat of the desert, so dress accordingly! Wear long pants, socks, hats and sunglasses as a protection for your face, and a long scarf to protect your head.

Camel riding is surely a unique experience you need to try when visiting Dubai.

  1. Explore Burj Khalifa – Hop on a bus and explore the world’s tallest building. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai. Not only because of it being the tallest building but also because of the observation decks where you can look at Dubai skyline from the top on floor 148 and experience the world’s fastest elevators. 

Besides the observation deck, a restaurant is located on floor 122 of the Burj Khalifa where you can enjoy the arabian cuisines while looking at the overlooking view of Dubai.

The Dubai Fountain is also located at Burj Khalifa and is free of cost. This fountain is a show of water,music and lights and is considered the tallest performing fountain in the world. 

  1. Skydive Dubai – This is for adrenaline junkies who want to slash out skydiving off their list. The thrilling experience of free fall and parachute and look at the Arabian desert from a different perspective.

There are professional instructors who will guide you through the whole process so you need not worry about falling straight to the ground.

  1. Ski Dubai – Ski dubai is located at Burj Al Arab. This is an indoor ski resort with 22500 square meters of indoor ski area. The Ski Dubi is  a year round attraction for everyone to try. You can also immerse yourself to try ‘ski school’ wherein they teach beginners on how to ski. 

Shop at Dubai mall – If you are looking for various brands and don’t mind spending money, Dubai mall is the place to be. Known for super-sized malls and luxurious brands ,this place is every shopper’s paradise. The Dubai mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world and houses more than 1,300 stores. Here, you can get all the best brands in one shopping destination.

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